Guilford Adult Dental Access PROGRAM Guilford Dental is a program organized by Guilford Adult Health, Inc. to provide dental services to uninsured Guilford County residents.  Services will be limited to comprehensive examinations, extractions, fillings, pain management and some minor restorative care.  In order to qualify for services, patients will be referred by Guilford Community Care […]

The GCCN serves any patient with an income between 0%–200% of the federal poverty level. Some member agencies have higher income limits. The groups which comprise the GCCN serve a patient population that exceeds 76,000 adults and children.

Guilford Community Care Network | 1002 S. Eugene Street; Greensboro, NC 27406 | Administrative Office Only (No Onsite Enrollment)

Phone: 336-355-9700 or 336-355-9726 |